Rock Valley United Reformed Church

Evening Service Order of Worship


Evening Service Begins at 6:00 PM

Song Book - 1976 Blue Psalter Hymnal

Bible Version - ESV


Call to Worship & Silent Prayer  (organ/piano plays after 1/2 minute)

*Votum and Salutation (congregation rises unannounced)

*Hymn of Praise - Blue Psalter #

*Apostles Creed (page 3 in back of BP in unison)

*Hymn of Response # (unannounced)

Reading of Psalm:        (going through the Psalms consecutively)

Song of Response - Blue Psalter #

Congregational Prayer


                Blue Psalter #           (announce - to be sung during the offering)

Offertory Prayer

*Song of Preparation - Blue Psalter #



Prayer of Response

*Hymn of Response - Blue Psalter #

*God's Commission to His People - Summary of The Law - Matthew 22:37-39


*Doxology #         (announce)

*Moment of Silence (pastor and elder go to back of sanctuary to greet)